New Work

A new cabinet and three tables involving different techniques and styles: carving, parquetry, and marquetry. Plus a unique wall cabinet in an unusual wood, Tiger Wood (from South America).

Chickadee Cabinet


Solid Black Walnut. 52" x 14" x 36". The table has a knot in the middle carved out of the black walnut. Other views below.
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"Angst", a sculpture of Anxiety

There is much to be anxious of these days. Things are not normal.  Not in the human community, not in the natural community. This is my vision of how normalcy has changed.

Table or Sculpture?  Out-of-Whack or New-Normal?

"Perception and Perspective" Op-Art Occasional Table

Quilted maple and walnut. 24" dia. x 22"Inspired by my interest in Op Art. Other views below.
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Occasional table, end table, op-art table

In art, as in life, what you see depends upon how you look.

parquetry, op-art

Ginkgo Entry Table

(SOLD) Entry Table in curly maple with Ginkgo leaf inlays in Izombe wood. Inspired by the beautiful golden leaves from my Ginkgo trees being blown about in the November winds. Other views and leaf detail below

Ginkgo Entry Table
Ginkgo leaf detail

"Scenic Route"

Wall cabinet in Lacewood. 54" x 14" x 9". Detail views below.
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Lacewood wall cabinet
art furniture

Ginkgo Console Table
Curly Black Walnut with Ginkgo marquetry in Cascara
42" x 14" x 28.5"

Ginkgo Console Table

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I need some “Angst” in my life. Stunning!
-- Nathan, 4/19/22

Beautiful simplicity! Amazing workmanship!
-- Marie-claire Dole , 5/6/20

Fine furniture, Camano Island, marquetry