I am a largely self-taught woodworker. I grew up loving to build things and exploring the natural world. I made my first furniture when I was 12, but my interest in nature diverted my career path in other directions. While I made many pieces of furniture through the years, I did not start making and selling gallery and custom woodwork until I retired. Since 2005 I have sold my art in many galleries around Washington, in a variety of art shows, and directly to customers in Washington, California and Japan.


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I have always been interested in woodworking as an art, and found your beautiful pieces on line. They are all just spectacular. I became obsessed after visiting the Sam Malouf home in Southern California, and wanted to see more nature inspired wood work.
-- Louise, 6/29/17

Your work is absolutely beautiful!! So hard to believe you were self taught. It is so detailed and delicate. I enjoyed looking at all your work. Carol
-- Russ, 4/6/17

Fine furniture, Camano Island, marquetry