Standing Cabinet with Marquetry
Welcome to Russ Riddle Designs. I design and create studio furniture in my shop on Camano Island, Washington. I do custom furniture on commission and also distribute my work through various galleries and art fairs. I am a one-man studio and build one-of-a-kind pieces and some limited productions.

Scenic Drive
I don't work in a particular period "style." What ties my work together is my interest in nature.  In some work I make this connection by using and emphasizing natural elements, such as natural ("live") edges, special figure, and spalting. In other work I make a more obvious connection by creating visual imagery of nature using inlay and marquetry techniques. And in still other work, the connection may be encapsulated in the design concept itself.

Nearly every piece I make has a "story."  I've added some of this in the descriptions of the various pieces and have more in depth description in the blog posts.

You will find work that is available for sale on three pages, "New Work", "Other Available Work", and "Trees of Harmony". If you are interested in purchasing any of these, or wish to commission a custom piece, please contact me via the form on the "Contact" page.


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