Trees of Harmony

I am excited to be introducing my newest work at the 2017 Camano Arts Association Studio Tour on Camano Island on Mother’s Day Weekend (May 12-14)  and the following weekend (May 20-21). I call this series of tables Trees of Harmony

Tree of Harmony I
I took a more sculptural approach with these tables than in my previous work, departing from the usual furniture pattern of four legs, apron, symmetry, etc.  I chose to work with these burls, with their extreme visual and tactile textures, because they made such a strong connection for me with the natural world. The asymmetrical base completely fits with the irregular swirls and knobs of the burl and evokes images for me of tree trunks, roots, puddles, rocks and other natural objects.

These table tops have a lot of natural burl edges and burl surfaces.  The textures are really extraordinary, and the natural burl edge is much more dramatic than the usual “live” edge. If you like the idea of natural edges -- the sense of being closer to nature or of being reconnected to nature --I think you’ll really love these tables. To me, the edges are so striking and so noticeable that they will set the tone for their area of a home.

I pondered quite a while on the type of base that would be appropriate for these burls – pedestal vs. four legs, round or square, curved or straight, metal vs. wood,  natural (like a root) vs. crafted, etc.. None of these in my opinion reached the bar set by the burls in their natural state. I wanted something that worked in harmony with the feeling provided by the burls, that maintained and extended the connection with the natural world, yet I wanted something that would also work with more typical, refined furniture pieces.  The approach I came up with is an abstract of the tree itself.

In contrast to the edge, the flat part of the table tops display the exotic, visual burl texture of irregular, spherical swirl patterns. This exotic wood was the favorite of Kings and Emperors in times past. The live edge, tactile texture was not. So the two faces of the burl are exposed. The Yin and the Yang.  They work together to make an extraordinary piece. Harmony.


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